M A D R E   C U L T U R E

It started as nothing more than a graduation project but it ended being so much more. I was reluctant to let this “make believe” business endeavor die once I graduated, I wanted it to be as real as possible and so with the support of my parents, this project became a reality, it became a business. A small one, but a business nonetheless.

Madre Culture it’s an independent brand focused on the design and production of utilitarian items inspired by nicaraguan’s national identity. The brand aims to encourage the consumption of artisanal goods, thus promoting craftsmanship and demonstrating that collaborative work between artisans and designers can create innovative and high quality products. 

I recruited the help of indigenous artisans from Monimbó, a place well knowed for it’s local handmade products and people who keep traditions alive, experts in the crafting of leather goods. They´re the ones who turn the ideas, the sketches and concepts into a tangible products. 

Madre Culture is more than it’s products, it’s a love brand, everything about it speaks of it’s values and intentions, from it’s electric, dynamic colors and textures, the strong cultural background and the revival of artisanal, one of a kind products, it’s social media presence, makes the brand something that you have to love.

It’s not only about the product itself, it’s what’s behind it that makes it stand out.


Premio al Emprendimiento - Nicaragua Diseña 2016
Seleccionado Nicaragua - Bienal Iberoamericana 2016-2018

P A T T E R N S    C O L L E C T I O N
Inspired by Precolumbian Patterns found on mud vases in the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua.
Artisan leather
T A S S E L S    C O L L E C T I O N
Inspired by the Tassels from traditional Masaya hammocks.